Our Services

Efficiency is the key.

Euroaxes’s Telecom Services Business Unit specialized services to Telecommunication Providers and Operators include the following:

Provision of expert technical support towards the final customers of the providers of telecommunications services, telephony, xDSL and IP-TV. Control FULL & SHARED LLU from both ends.

Elaboration of Preliminary Implementation Studies, installation and certification of corporate client’s internal networks infrastructure.

Installation and provision of technical support to residential and business clients on data & voice network.

Implementation of telecommunications network quality improvement projects.

Participation and implementation of National and European cofounded projects and programs in the fields of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

The provision of the aforementioned services is applied in full and in absolute consistency with our clients’ unique SLAs’ and their individual technical requirements and specifications as stated in the relevant cooperation agreements.

At the same time, Telecom Services has developed and offers, in collaboration with its clients (providers), special procedures addressing critical issues, VIP clients or other urgent and important issues. Exploiting its unique knowledge of the network’s infrastructure and basic operating procedures in conjunction with the application of state of the art techniques and methods, Telecom Services is able not only to overgrow the requirements of any SLA, but also to provide high value added services.